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NITheP Research Workshop: Open Quantum Walks

NITheP Research Workshop on "Open Quantum Walks", Salt Rock Hotel, South Africa, 27 November - 01 December 2017


The workshop is sponsored by the National Institute for Theoretical Physics (NITheP) and A. N. R. "Stochastic Methods in Quantum Mechanics". It will be the first workshop dedicated to Open Quantum Walks, that were introduced in 2012 [S. Attal, F. Petruccione, C. Sabot, I. Sinayskiy,  J. Stat. Phys.  147 (2012) 832].
The aim of the workshop is to bring together the mathematicians, theoretical and experimental physicists that have researched this novel type of dissipative quantum walk and found it interesting and promising.


Quantum walks, a quantum mechanical analog of classical random walks, are a new and exiting interdisciplinary field of research. Quantum walks are a useful tool to design quantum algorithms and perform quantum computation. The experimental implementation of quantum walks is affected by the unavoidable interaction with a thermal environment.

The effects of open quantum systems in the description of the quantum walks can be dealt in two ways. The first way is to minimise the effect of decoherence and dissipation. The second way is to use decoherence and dissipation to channel the quantum walker towards a desirable steady state. Recently, a new model of quantum walks - open quantum walks (OQW) was suggested [1,2]. In the OQW approach the transition between the nodes of the graph is fully deter- mined by the dissipative interaction of the walker with the surrounding thermal environment. OQWs can perform universal quantum computation [3] and can describe efficient transport in physical and biological systems [1]. Recently, a microscopic model [4] and quantum optical realisation of an Open Quantum Walks have been proposed [5]. Bauer, Bernard and Tilloy obtained a new type of OQW - Open Quantum Brownian Motion as a scaling limit of OQWs [6].

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General Information

Dates and Deadlines

The workshop will take place 27 November - 01 December 2017. (Monday 27/11 and Friday 01/12 will be the days of arrival and departure, respectively.)


The workshop will be hosted at the Salt Rock Hotel, KZN, South Africa, which is  located on the sought after Dolphin Coast of KwaZulu-Natal. The Hotel is less than half an hour drive from Durban's King Shaka International Airport en route to the rich diversity of Zululand’s Big Five game reserves and the St Lucia Wetland Park World Heritage Site.

Important Dates

  • Registration deadline: 3 November 2017
  • Submission of abstracts: 3 November 2017
  • Hotel deadline: 3 November 2017

Invited Speakers

List of confirmed speakers:

  • Raffaella Carbone (University of Pavia)
  • Uwe Jaekel (University of Applied Sciences Koblenz)
  • Igor Jex (Czech Technical University in Prague)
  • Yutaka Shikano (University of Tokyo)
  • Matthias Wittemer (University of Freiburg)

Workshop Organization


The workshop is organised by:



The programme of the workshop will be availiable soon.

Workshop photograph

The workshop group photo will be availiable later.

Abstract Submission

Please submit your abstract here.

Registration and Accommodation

Registration and Accomodation form is availiable here.

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