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NITheP Seminar by Prof. Izumi Ojima on "Unification of four interactions”

Kyoto University, Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Japan.
When Mar 20, 2012
from 02:15 PM to 03:15 PM
Where NITheP Seminar Room, Westville campus
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In Quadrality Scheme based on Micro-Macro duality, spacetime is an epigenetic empirical notion of a posteriori nature, generated via emergence processes by microscopic motions, in sharp contrast to the standard apriorism accepted in modern physics. Here spacetime points are labels to parametrize independent sectors whose internal structures consist of microscopic motions without gravity (i.e., ”free-falling systems”) and their inter-dependence relations are described by a gravitational field Γλμν.

Along this line of thought, we can find a new mechanism to unify four interactions (=forces), according to the mathematical notion of a composition series, which is totally different from its common pictures. We can reformulate the idea of unifying the four forces in nature without sticking to making them into one unified force by brute force, like the current trials in ”unification programme”.

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