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Yaseera wins First Prize

Yaseera Ismail wins the First Prize for the presentation of research in the Oral M Stream category at the UKZN 2012 College of Agriculture, Engineering and Science Postgraduate Research Day.

Yaseera IsmailYaseera Ismail joined the Quantum Group as of the beginning of June 2012 to commence with her doctoral studies which is based on Free-space Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) using field carrying Orbital Angular Momentum (OAM). QKD involves transmitting a secret key between two individuals by exploiting the quantum properties of light. The most important characteristics of such a method are that the secrecy of the generated key is guaranteed by the very law of nature. Practical QKD systems, although capable of producing provably secure keys, must in itself be trusted. Quantum entanglement provides this additional layer of security to the systems, thus achieving device independent QKD protocols. QKD systems can be encoding using either polarisation or phase. To carry out phase encoding QKD a field of light needs to be manipulated to carry OAM. The benefit of using fields carrying OAM for the encoding lies in the fact that OAM states span an infinite state space.

Yaseera presented her experimental findings thus far at the UKZN 2012 College of Agriculture, Engineering and Science Postgraduate Research Day which was held on the 29 October 2012 where she was awarded the First Prize for an oral presentation in the M Stream Category.  The topic of her presentation was entitled Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) through entanglement which focused on the concept of entanglement with respect to polarisation and phase.  She touched on experimental observations which lead to the violation of Bell’s Inequality to prove Quantum Entanglement.

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