Group Meeting and Seminar

Group Meeting followed by Seminar by B. Zulu on “Detection of defects and their optical effects in diamonds”.

After the Group Meeting Bheki Zulu will speak about

Detection of defects and their optical effects in diamonds


In an attempt to create shallow NV centers in diamonds and study surface termination effects on them, a program was set up as follows.

  • All diamonds used in this study will be first analyzed prior to implantation to identify any luminescence regions.
  • A ‘dark’ region on the diamond surface will be identified where the implant should take place. Use a TEM copper mesh for location purposes.
  • Implantation using an ion implanter or accelerator.
  • Investigate surface termination effects on all implanted diamonds where NV- centers have formed as a result of the implantation.

This little talk is based on my visit to CSIR with an intention to perform bullets 1 & 2 above.