Mr Ian Joel David

Mr Ian Joel David

Ian studied Physics and Mathematics at the University of KwaZulu Natal (UKZN). He is currently completing a PHD in Physics at UKZN under the supervision of Prof I. Sinayskiy and Prof F. Petruccione, focusing on the digital simulation of Quantum Systems. He has spent several years as a research assistant in Prof. Petruccione’s Quantum Research Group at UKZN. He has given several introductory and advanced quantum computing mini-courses and talks at various institutions and conferences. His research interests are: Open Quantum Systems, Quantum Simulation, Quantum Information Processing and Quantum Computation.

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Teaching History:
I have been a teaching assistant for the following modules. Where my duties were to develop lecture notes, give lectures, set tutorial and tests as well as supervise group projects.

Honours Level:

  • COMP 718 (2020-2022): Contemporary Topics in Computer science: Introduction to Quantum computing for computer scientists.
  • PHYS 737 (2020-2022): Advanced topics in Quantum Physics (1st Half): Quantum Computing.
  • PHYS 701 (2022): Classical Field Theory (1st Half)
  • -I have also tutored PHYS 736 Mathematical Methods for Physics and Computational Physics in (2023).

Office Number 03-100