Minister Neledi Pandor Visits the CQT

Minister Neledi Pandor Visits the CQT

National Minister of Science and Technology Naledi Pandor visits CQT.

The Minister of Science and Technology, Madam Naledi Pandor, visited the CQT on 19 April 2010. She engaged with the CQT students and toured the facilities of the Centre.

Prof F Petruccione presented an overview of the CQT as well the the future aspirations of the Group.

Mr A Mirza demonstrated the importance of encryption and the current uses of quantum encryption in the quantumCity and quantumStadium projects.

On left Ms P Epiphane and Ms H Bassa explain theoretical quantum computing to Minister Pandor.

On right Dr M Rehn and Ms M Semonyo explain the cooling of atoms with the use of lasers. The duo developed the first Magneto Optical Trap (MOT) in Africa.

Ms SA Naicker and Ms S Pillay explain and demonstrate the BB84 polarization encoded QKD protocol to the Minister and the Director General of DST Dr Phil Mjwara. 

Back Row: Dr M Rehn, DG Dr P Mjwara, Minister N Pandor, Prof F Petruccione, Mr A Mirza
Front Row: Ms S Pillay, Ms M Semonyo, Ms SA Naicker, Ms P Epiphanie, Ms NN Sithomo, Ms H Bassa