Data@breakfast Zooms in on Machine Learning

The aroma of filter coffee welcomed delegates to April’s “data@breakfast” seminar at the Senate Chamber, Westville campus. Speaker, Dr Maria Schuld introduced her diverse audience to the behind-the-scenes world of machine learning. … To read the full article please vist the UKZN Ndaba online website.         Guest speaker, Dr Maria Schuld, with

New Carpentries Instructors at UKZN to Run Data and Computing Skills Workshops

Seventeen UKZN researchers were trained as carpentries instructors from 18 to 20 March. They will help organise and teach Data, Software and Library Carpentry workshops at UKZN in 2019 and beyond. Software Carpentry, Da ta Carpentry and Library Carpentry’s mission is to help scientists, researchers, and librarians get more research done in less time with less pain by teaching