Publications of 2013

Publications of 2013

Refereed publications in journals and conference proceedings

1.    Anomalies in Strongly Coupled Harmonic Quantum Brownian Motion. F. Giraldi and F. Petruccione. Open Systems & Information Dynamics. Volume: 20, Issue: 1, Article Nr: 1350002, Published: March 2013.

2.    Critical frequency control in harmonic quantum Brownian motion. F. Giraldi and F. Petruccione. Journal of Physics A – Mathematical and Theoretical. Volume: 46, Issue: 1, Article Number: 015304. Published: January 2013.

3.    Decoherence-assisted transport in quantum networks. A. Marais, I. Sinayskiy, A. Kay, F. Petruccione, A.  Ekert. New Journal of Physics. Volume: 15, Article Number: 013038. Published: 17 January 2013.

4.    Quantum dynamics of a nano-rod under compression. G. M. Beck and A. Sergi, Physics Letters A 377, 1047-1051 (2013).

5.    S. K. Choudhary, Konrad T. and H. Uys, Implementation schemes for unsharp measurements with trapped ions, Phys. Rev. A, 87, 0121 (2013).