Publications of 2019

Circuit-Based Quantum Random Access Memory for Classical Data

DK Park, F Petruccione, JKK Rhee
Scientific reports 9 (1), 3949
Quantum Forking for Open Quantum Systems Simulation

JKK RHEE, I Sinayskiy, DK Park, F Petruccione
Bulletin of the American Physical Society
The dramatic impact of non-energetic coherences on heat flows

C Lombard Latune, I Sinayskiy, F Petruccione
Bulletin of the American Physical Society
Integrating machine learning techniques in quantum communication to characterize the quantum channel

Y Ismail, I Sinayskiy, F Petruccione
JOSA B 36 (3), B116-B121
1 2019
Open quantum walks

I Sinayskiy, F Petruccione
The European Physical Journal Special Topics, 1-15
Fibre-orientation dependent R1 (= 1/T1) relaxation in the brain: The role of susceptibility induced spin-lattice relaxation in the myelin water compartment

F Schyboll, U Jaekel, F Petruccione, H Neeb
Journal of Magnetic Resonance 300, 135-141
Quantum coherence, many-body correlations, and non-thermal effects for autonomous thermal machines

CL Latune, I Sinayskiy, F Petruccione
Scientific reports 9 (1), 3191
Quantum forking for fast weighted power summation

DK Park, I Sinayskiy, M Fingerhuth, F Petruccione, JKK Rhee
1 2019
Measure of positive and not completely positive single-qubit Pauli maps

V Jagadish, R Srikanth, F Petruccione
Physical Review A 99 (2), 022321
An Invitation to Quantum Channels

V Jagadish, F Petruccione
Quanta 2018; 7: 54–67.
Machine learning and the physical sciences

G Carleo, I Cirac, K Cranmer, L Daudet, M Schuld, N Tishby, …
arXiv preprint arXiv:1903.10563
2 2019