Quantum Africa 2

Quantum Africa 2

The 2nd Conference in the Quantum Africa Series will take place from 3 to 7 September 2012.
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  2. Venue
  3. Topics
    1. Plenary Speakers
    2. Invited Keynote Speakers
  4. Conference Organization
    1. Series Steering Committee
    2. Local Organizing Committee
    3. Sponsors
  5. Registration and Booking of Accommodation
    1. Registration
    2. Registration Fees
    3. Accommodation
  6. Submission of Abstracts
  7. Programme
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  9. Conference photograph
  10. QA2 Photographs by Mary Jacquiline Romero
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The Quantum Africa Conference Series

The Centre for Quantum Technology of the University of KwaZulu-Natal has organised a very successful conference in 2006 on Theoretical and Experimental Foundations of Recent Quantum Technologies. The proceedings of this conference were published in a special issue of The European Physical Journal [Ph. Blanchard, E. Bruning, F. Petruccione (Eds.), Emerging Quan- tum Technologies: Selected Theoretical and Experimental Aspects, EPJ ST, Vol. 159, June 2008]. The local and international positive resonance to this conference motivated the organization of a new series of conferences: Quantum Africa. The new series of conferences is planned to take place consecutively in several African countries. The first conference in the series, Quantum Africa 2010, was hosted in Durban by the Centre for Quantum Technology with a conference on Recent Progress in Theoretical and Experimental Foundations of Quantum Technology. The motivation for the first conference in the series was to provide a knowledge base for research in quantum technology in Africa, with emphasis on quantum cryptography. Interested colleagues, in particular from Southern Africa, were encouraged to participate. On the basis of the list of invited international speakers, this conference was of great interest to colleagues from around the world. The proceedings of this conference are in preparation.

After the success of Quantum Africa I it was decided by the Programme Committee to organize Quantum Africa II in 2012 in Egypt. Because of the ongoing political changes in Egypt the local organizing committee of Quantum Africa II could not guarantee the hosting of the conference. For this reason and to keep the momentum of the new series it was decided to host Quantum Africa II again in South Africa.

Important Dates

Extended deadlines

13 July 2012: Registration

13 July 2012: Submission of abstracts.

13 July 2012: Booking of accommodation.

27 July 2012: Payment of registration fees and accommodation.

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The Conference will take place at the Mont aux Sources Hotel (Northern Drakensberg).


For more information on the venue please see


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  • Controlling quantum dynamics
  • Open quantum systems
  • Quantum computing and communication
  • Quantum cryptography
  • Quantum metrology
  • Quantum biology
  • Quantum foundations
  • Quantum information theory
  • Quantum materials
  • Quantum optics
  • Spintronics


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Plenary Speakers


  • F. Jelezko (University of Ulm)
  • N. Gisin (University of Geneva)
  • A. Ekert (National University of Singapore and University of Oxford)
  • M. Padgett (University of Glasgow)
  • L. Davidovich (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro)


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Invited Keynote Speakers


  • A. Bassi (University of Trieste)
  • A. Buchleitner (University of Freiburg) – To be confirmed
  • M. Genovese (INRIM, Torino)
  • B. Hiesmayr (University of Vienna)
  • W. Loeffler (University of Leiden)
  • N. Lutkenhaus (University of Waterloo)
  • M. Mosca (University of Waterloo)
  • J. P. Paz (University of Buenos Aires)
  • T. Ralph (University of Queensland)
  • L. Sanchez Soto (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)
  • W. Schleich (University of Ulm)
  • S. Severini (University College London)
  • P. Villoresi (University of Padova)


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Conference Organization

Series Steering Committee

  • A. Buchleitner (University of Freiburg)
  • F. Petruccione (University of KwaZulu-Natal)
  • B. Sanders (University of Calgary)


Local Organizing Committee

    • F. Petruccione, Chairman (NITheP KZN & UKZN)
    • E. Bruning (UKZN)
    • Thomas Konrad (UKZN)
    • I. Sinayskiy (NITheP KZN)
    • Sile Nic Chormaic (UKZN)
    • Stef Roux (NLC, CSIR)
    • Hermann Uys (NLC, CSIR)




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Registration and Booking of Accommodation


Registration is now open.

In order to register for the conference fill out the online form that you find here.

Registration Fees

Registration Fees: R1000.00 per delegate. Please note, that there is no registration fee for invited speakers.

The registration fee includes the cost of an excursion to the Royal Natal National Park.


The conference will take place at the Mont-aux-Sources Hotel in the Northern Drakensberg. A number of rooms has been reserved for the participants of the Hotel at a very advantageous rate.


Single 24 hour conference package daily 5 days
Premium room (single) R1379.00 R6895.00
Premium room (sharing) R1179.00 R5895.00
Standard room (single) R1179.00 R5895.00
Standard room (sharing) R979.00 R4895.00
Chalets (two bedrooms; per room) R1000.00 R5000.00
Chalets (two bedrooms; per room sharing) R625.00 R3125.00



For bookings and payment of the registration fee  please download and fill out the form that you find here and email it to Vicki Hooper (email:info@venues.co.za; Tel: +27 31 764 0059; Cell: +27 83 2568120).

New roomNewRoom3.jpg Chalet.jpg

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Submission of Abstracts

Submission of abstracts for invited and contributed talks is now open. In order to submit an abstract please visit the EasyChair Quantum Africa 2 Login Page. If you do not have and EasyChair account you can easily create one on the site.

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The final programme and the Book of Abstracts can be found below:



First announcement

Second announcement

Third announcement

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Conference photograph

The conference photos can be downloaded by the following links: version 1 and version 2.

QA2 Photographs by Mary Jacquiline Romero

Conference photographs by Mary Jacquiline Romero can be found here.