Dr Maria Schuld is one of the winners of the IBM Q Best Papers Awards

On 4 October IBM announced the winners of the third  IBM Q Award: the IBM Q Best Paper Award.

The prizes were awarded for the highest-impact scientific papers by a master’s student, PhD student or postdoctoral researcher using the IBM Q Experience and Qiskit as tools to achieve the presented results.

We are very happy and proud that Dr Maria Schuld, a PostDoc in our Group, is one of the winners.

The Paper “Implementing a distance-based classifier with a quantum interference circuit”, co-authored by Maria Schuld, Mark Fingerhuth and Francesco Petruccione, is published in EPL (Europhysics Letters) 119 (6), 60002. The preprint can be found in the arXiv.

Well done to Maria and Mark!

You can read the details of the announcement on the IBM Blog.