Online NITheP Workshop “Quantum Thermodynamics” (23-27 November 2020)

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Online NITheP Workshop “Quantum Thermodynamics” (23-27 November 2020)

November 23, 2020 - November 27, 2020

NITheP Workshop

“Quantum Thermodynamics”

23-27 November 2020,  (Durban, South Africa)


This workshop was initially planned to happen in Durban, South Africa, as a vibrant way of strengthening Quantum Thermodynamics in South Africa, and also to incentive and inspire students. Do to the COVID pandemic, we decided to switch to an online conference/event, as many other events did.


We think it is important to maintain the community active and communicative. Additionally, online webinar and talks represent a precious resource for the whole scientific community, especially for those of us who are sometimes prevented from travelling because of economic or visa-related reasons.


Although tremendous progress over the past decade, quantum thermodynamics is largely considered to still be in its foundational stage – active debates around essential concepts such as heat and energy testify of that. This workshop will try to cover most of the currently very discussed and debated topics in quantum thermodynamics, which ends up being of the interest of most “quantum thermodynamists” or even most “quantum informationists”. Enjoy!


Attendance registration: If you would like to attend the workshop, please fill in the registration form, and we will send the Zoom link.

The registration form is available here.


Non-invasive program:

The workshop will run over the week of 23-27 of November 2020 in a rather non-invasive way with two invited talks per day, separated by half an hour, to let us time to recover from our emotions of the previous talks. Each talk is of 50 min with 10 minutes of questions.
The detailed program can be downloaded here.
The latest version of the time-table can be found here.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Obinna Abah, Queen’s University Belfast, United Kingdom.
  • Janet Anders,  University of Exeter, England.
  • Sebastian Deffner, University of Maryland, USA.
  • Ronnie Kosloff, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.
  • Gabriel Landi, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  • Eric Lutz, University of Stuttgart, Germany.
  • Iman Marvian, Duke University, USA.
  • Markus P. Müller, IQOQI Vienna, Austria
  • Ahsan Nazir,  University of Manchester, England.
  • Nelly Huei Ying Ng, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Contributed talks:

There will be one or two extra sessions of contributed talks, separated from the other daily session by a couple of hours. Researchers interested in giving a contributed talks are welcome to register and submit their proposal (title + half-page abstract maximum) in the registration form. The allocated time for contributed talks will be 15 + 5 minutes.
 The recorded talks are available in the NITheP youtube channel
Zoom “Group Photo”:


November 23, 2020
November 27, 2020


Camille Lombard Latune
Francesco Petruccione
Ilya Sinayskiy